Pit Roasted Whole Curry Cauliflower
Pit Roasted Whole Curry Cauliflower
  • prep: 10 min
  • cook: 50 min
  • total: 1 hr
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    Smoking meat in your pit is wonderful but did you know that smoking vegetables is also fun and delicious. You just need some creative ways to take your veggies up a notch in your smoker. I like to serve veggies when I serve BBQ and besides the old standbys like coleslaw and potatoes, and sometimes even grilled cabbage, I enjoy pit roasted whole cauliflowers. I drew my inspiration from India and Japan where, believe it or not, curry is an extremely popular dish in Japan. The Japanese have embraced Indian curry albeit a sweeter and pastier version. Instead of yogurt or coconut milk, they use a roux and pureed vegetables like carrot or potatoes. I like both Indian and Japanese style curry and since the Japanese curries are a little sweeter, they work well in my pit roasted cauliflower recipe. This dish uses mayonnaise as a base to blend in a curry paste. Use vegan mayonnaise if you prefer. I used store bought Japanese curry past so it's an easy dish to make. You can serve it as a side dish or for your vegetarian friends, it could hold its own as a main course. You can cook it to the tenderness you like and no shame if you do this in the oven. In fact, sometimes I cook for 40 minutes in the oven before I put it in my pit for another 30 minutes to get some smoke. You can also start in the smoker and finish in the oven. I don't use any wood when I smoke as the light smoke from the briquettes is enough to kiss the cauliflower with a flavorful smoke. So the next time you want to serve a creative veggie side dish, try my pit roasted whole curry cauliflower. Cook a few more heads as it chills and reheats very well.


    • 1 head cauliflower
    • ½ cup mayonnaise
    • 2 tablespoons Japanese Curry roux (SB Golden Curry roux mixed with hot water to form a paste)
    • Slap Yo Daddy All Purpose Rub


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    Nutritional Info
    • Servings Per Recipe: 1
    • Amount Per Serving
    • Calories: 30 % Daily Value *
    • Total Fat: 0 g 0%
    • Saturated Fat: 0 g 0%
    • Trans Fat: 0 g %
    • Cholesterol: 0 mg 0%
    • Sodium: 1380 mg 57.51%
    • Calcium: 0 mg 0%
    • Potassium: 0 mg 0%
    • Magnesium: 0 mg 0%
    • Iron: 0 mg 0%
    • Zinc: 0 mg 0%
    • Total Carbohydrate: 6 g %
    • Dietary Fiber: 0 g 0%
    • Sugar: 0 g
    • Protein: 0 g
    • Alcohol: 0 g
    • Omega 3 Fatty Acid: 0 g
    • Omega 6 Fatty Acid: 0 g
    • Vitamin A 0%
    • Vitamin C 0%
    • Vitamin D 0%
    • * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
    Diabetes Exchanges
    • Exchange - Fat0
    • Exchange - Fruit0
    • Exchange - NonFat Milk0
    • Exchange - Other Carbs0
    • Exchange - Starch0
    • Exchange - Vegetables0
    • Exchange - Lean Meat0
    • Exchange - Alcohol0
    MyPlate Info
    • MyPlate - Grain Total0 oz-eq
    • MyPlate - Vegetable Total0 c
    • MyPlate - Fruit0 c
    • MyPlate - Dairy0 c
    • MyPlate - Protein Total0 oz-eq