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The Food Allergy Mama's Baking Book

Kelly Rudnicki

Publisher Surrey
Title First Published 01 October 2009


This hot-off-the-presses gem is a baking basic for moms raising kids with food allergies. The whole family will enjoy the recipes, though there's a focus on dealing with birthday parties and allergy-free treats for school.
--Library Journal

The Food Allergy Mama's Baking Book is a one-stop guide to delicious, everyday baked goods free of dairy, eggs, and nuts--the most common food allergens. It offers timeless, foolproof recipes that are easy to prepare even for kitchen novices. Whether you are new to the world of allergen-free baking, or have been baking this way for years, this book is an invaluable resource for home bakers (and their families) who love sweets and treats.

These recipes are delicious enough to be enjoyed by everyone who craves great baked treats, whether they have food allergies or not. But they fill a particular need for families concerned about ensuring food safety for their children.

Kelly Rudnicki is dedicated to bringing busy moms of food-allergic children the best baking recipes that are dairy-, egg-, peanut-, and tree nut-free. For these readers, recipes that really work--every single time, for every cook--are crucial. A failed recipe is enough to shake the confidence of any home baker.

Someone who bakes allergen-free cannot afford these setbacks--they can't go out and buy a birthday cake at the grocery store if a recipe doesn't work. Until there are more options for the food-allergic , baking at home is the smartest and safest option. The recipes use high quality ingredients that are affordable and widely available. All the traditional favorites are included, with chapters devoted to the best and tastiest muffins and quick breads, cookies and bars, and all manner of cakes, pies, crisps, cobblers...you name it.

In addition, the book is filled with practical advice and tips about dealing with classroom and birthday parties, as well as easy ingredient substitution ideas. It is THE go to guide for food allergy mamas everywhere.

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