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Sarah Levy

Publisher Surrey


Bake your way through Sweetness, and by the last page, you will feel as though Sarah is your new best friend.

--Chicago magazine, in its selection of Sweetness as one of the top 6 cookbooks of 2009

Sarah Levy opened her own sweet shop, Sarah's Pastries and Candies, in 2004, when she was only 24 and not long out of college. Since then she's moved and expanded her first store and opened a second location inside of Macy's, and seen her business bloom. Now, in her first book, she shows how anyone can make delicious sweets, treats, and confections, no matter how little background they have in cooking.

This book is aimed at the amateur--especially younger women who may not have learned many kitchen skills while growing up, but still crave the best in delicious treats, and like the idea of mastering a few great recipes for entertaining, gifts, social events, or to impress that special someone. But anyone interested in making great treats will appreciate the breadth and quality of these recipes---which are accompanied by gorgeous color photos.

The book's contents range from basic, simpler recipes that are relatively easy to make and feature ingredients available in any grocery store (and which provide terrific results), to top-flight professional-level recipes for the motivated cook who wants to prepare something that will knock the socks off anyone who samples it. These feature solid, step-by-step instructions as well as tips on sourcing the highest-quality ingredients from specialty stores and the internet.

The results are all-stops-out delicious. These recipes are for when you want the absolute best--maybe to impress friends, colleagues, or potential in-laws, or even just to enjoy yourself. After all, why waste calories on second-rate treats, when you can pamper yourself with the most delicious treats you can imagine?

Sarah Levy's own warmth, accessibility, and personality shine through on every page. Great sweets, treats, and confections have never come in such an appealing package.

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