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Skinny Grilling

Barbara Grunes

Publisher Agate
Title First Published 26 July 2012


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The barbecue grill is an American icon. In suburbia it's a backyard fixture. In cities it appears on tiny balconies. At picnics and beach parties it's indispensable. Yet the food we usually grill has a fatty sameness that does justice neither to the cook's skill or the diners' good health.

Barbara Grunes, author of over 50 cookbooks and maven of grill cookery, puts an end to routine, fat-laden barbecues once and for all with Skinny Grilling's 100 exciting new recipes. This unique collection establishes grill cooking as a versatile culinary technique in its own right, no longer limited to chicken, ribs, and hamburgers.

Now home cooks can grill--easily and without fuss--delicious roasts, succulent seafood, smoked turkeys, bubbling pizzas, and dozens more main dishes. But that's just the beginning. Over the same coals, readers can quickly turn out juicy vegetables, creative salads, unforgettable smoked meats, oriental stir-fries in the wok--even fabulous desserts! Also included is a wonderful red-white-and-blue 5-course 4th of July feast.

Families and friends love the festivity and fun of cookouts, and Skinny Grilling will provide an inventive recipe collection to vastly extend any cook's grilling repertory. Even better, the food prepared from this book will be low in fat, high in flavor, and anything but routine.

Appetizers: Smoked pizza, chicken satay, turkey mini-burgers, and more.
Vegetables: Sweet pepers salad, eggplant steaks, double-baked potatoes, vegetable kabobs, and more.
Seafood: Teriyaki salmon, mahimahi in corn husks, smoky scallops, seafood paella, and more.
Poultry: Smoked chicken, blackened chicken breasts, jerk chicken, mixed grill, and more.
Meats: Steak kabobs, pork loin barbecue, grilled lamb, buffalo burgers, and more.
Wok Grilling: Hot and spicy chicken, beef & vegetable stir fries.
Desserts: Angel cake with berries, bananas Foster, grilled figs, and more.

All recipes include nutritional data, diabetic exchanges, and follow American Heart Association guidelines regarding calories from fat.

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