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1,001 Best Slow-Cooker Recipes

Sue Spitler

Publisher Surrey
Title First Published 10 September 2008


You can make just about anything in a slow cooker. Just ask Sue Spitler, author of "1,001 Best Slow-Cooker Recipes."
--Chicago Sun-Times.

The one and only slow-cooker book you will ever need, this new title in Surrey's trusted 1,001 series showcases the ease, convenience, and versatility of slow cookers like no other book out there.

Slow cookers are a great complement to today's busy lifestyles—delicious appetizers, soups, stews, entrees, side dishes, and even desserts can cook while you're busy with other things, whether at home, out and about, or at the office. Once the ingredients are in the slow cooker, the meal cooks by itself—no need to be tied to the kitchen. You can prepare all the necessary ingredients at your convenience—combine everything you need in the "crock" and refrigerate several hours or overnight until you're ready to cook. Then just set the crock into the slow cooker and plug it in!

There's a variety of slow-cooker sizes for every recipe need, and to accommodate any family size—everywhere from 1 1/2 to 7 quarts. Smaller slow cookers are perfect for appetizers, and just right to keep snack mixes, dips, fondues, etc. warm for guests to enjoy. Slow cookers are also perfectly at home on any dining or buffet table for family meals or easy entertaining. Slow cooker is amazingly versatile and can be used for much, much more than soups and stews! Included you'll find hundreds of fabulous recipes for appetizers, entrees, side-dishes, breads, sandwiches, and desserts, making the slow cooker one of the most useful appliances in your kitchen!

Slow cookers are about value and convenience. Less expensive cuts of meat cook to tender goodness in soups, stews, and entrees. Poultry and fish cook to perfect, moist doneness. Crisp snack mixes are easy to make, appetizer dips stay creamy and warm. Easy vegetables and side dishes complement any meal. Homemade breads and warm sandwiches will bring raves. Luscious desserts will satisfy any sweet tooth!

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